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Needle Felting: From Factory to Gallery by Kate Barsotti

The lovely Kate Barsotti of wrote Needle Felting: From Factory to Gallery for It's an intriguing and humorous look at the history of felting, the differences between wet-felting and 'dry'-felting schools and includes work & interviews from Stephanie Metz, Zoe Williams and myself.

At the very beginning of my felting career, I did a lot of research on the folks that were making wool sculptures. Immediately, I was struck by Zoe's consistent imagery and technical prowess, as well as her ability to combine wool effortlessly with clay and bead components. Stephanie's work blew me away with her realistic sculptural capabilities and abstracted organic shapes. (To be honest, the first time I saw Stephanie's Amorphozoa series, I considered quitting feltwork... it was if she had peered into my brain and made everything I hadn't even dreamed up yet.) So inspired by these two artists, I had an unspoken goal to one day be in their company. How sweet to end the year having my work featured with theirs!