Winter weary

Day 8 of my captivity.

It’s true. I haven’t been outside the house since Valentine’s day except to toss the frisbee for the dog a couple of times and slide down the icy driveway to fetch the mail. Thankfully, I had enough forethought to bring supplies and wool home a couple of weeks ago when the temperature at the (Tahiti) studio got too cold for wet-felting.

Hermit life suits me just fine, so the lack of socializing and activity hasn’t affected me at all.  Not seeing my grandmother in nearly 2 weeks feels wretched though. I miss her as much as I miss the sunshine.. and I do mean that literally.

You’d think with all this downtime, I’d be a blogging fool. I feel I used up my writing mojo to complete two applications earlier this year. One was for the Tennessee Arts Commission’s Individual Artist Fellowship. The TAC only gives out 2 per year per category statewide (I entered for Craft) It’s a long shot but I apply yearly because it pushes me to refine my artist statement and images every January.

I also applied for the Arts & Business Council’s Periscope Program which includes six weeks of entrepreneurial training plus a year of mentorship. Several of my peers went through the Periscope program last year and I have seen their careers flourish. Unlike the TAC grant, I fully expect my application to get accepted. And if for some reason it doesn’t, I’m prepared to seek out mentors on my own.

Meanwhile, I’m putting the finishing touches on the last of four sculpture pieces* that will head to Italy soon. I was approached by Dyeing House Gallery in Prato a few months ago to try out one of their wool blends (Maori/Bergschaf.) For those in the wool world, this particular blend reminds me of the C-1/Pelsull blend that New England Felting Supply carries. They have beautiful 15 colorways, all heathers, and they sent me some of each to play with. I was already a fan of the 80+ color selection of Maori. The inclusion of the Bergschaf makes the wool much softer and “furrier” overall.

Sample piece for Dyeing House Gallery

Sample piece for Dyeing House Gallery

As soon as there is enough sunlight to photograph the rest of these pieces, I’ll ship these to Dyeing House Gallery to be featured on their blog. Very exciting!

This has been a fun project to keep me motivated through the winter months but I am ready to start working on something different.

Stay warm friends!

*If you’re following on Instagram, I’ve documented a lot of these pieces.





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