Welcome to Tahiti!


“Rent Me” Why, yes I think I will!

I’ve had the keys to the new studio space for a little over a week now and didn’t get my huge work tables moved over until Friday. My original intention was to take supplies over on an “as needed” basis… turns out I apparently need everything. The home studio has noticeably more elbow room, though most wouldn’t notice a change at all. That’s how packed the room had become!


“All set up & ready to work”

Since having a home studio and out-of-the home studio has already gotten confusing, I’ve nicknamed the new space Tahiti. The idea of going to Tahiti for a few hours of felting makes me giggle every time.

That 8 foot table sure does fill the space!

That 8 foot table sure does fill the space!

So far, my reaction to leaving the house on a regular basis has been the biggest surprise. I really love it! And as a self-proclaimed hermit, this is a complete about-face. I’m not going to question it but revel in the joy of having this space and my ridiculous eagerness to be there.

Making some thin felt with locks ( Dyeabolical Yarns) and the Palm Washboard (HeartFelt Silks)

Making some thin felt with locks (Dyeabolical Yarns) and the Palm Washboard (HeartFelt Silks)


There is no internet access in Tahiti and my studio mates are either quiet or absent most of the time. While I was working the other day I realized how much noise I make.. or rather, how much noise is generated by felting. The snickeringly naughty sounds of wet wool!! The ball brauser farting soapy water, the rolling & rubbing on bubblewrap, the thwap of throwing a wet packet of wool, or the incessant sound of crunching foam under needles. Plus, I’m always back and forth to the sink. I hope my fellow Tahitians don’t get sick of my racket!

Um.. yes. This happened.

Um.. yes. This happened.

Perhaps it’s the newness of the space or the lack of distraction but I can already tell a renewed desire to make. I’m allowing all possibilities. Research & development with different wools and techniques. Playing around with resists and blocking, surface design, mixing media (mediums?). And except for a private commission and contributing a few pieces to a group show in October, I’ve got nothing but Play on my to-do list. How nice is that!?


Lots of weirdness blooming here in Tahiti

Lots of weirdness blooming here in Tahiti.



5 comments on “Welcome to Tahiti!

  1. Hi Shana, Congratulations on the space! Can you tell me what kind of clips you are using in the photo? Do they mark the fiber? I am having trouble locating clamps. Thanks! Laura

    • Hi Laura. I found those clips at a Dollar Store or Big Lots. They’re laundry clips so they are designed not to leave a noticeable mark, depending on the thickness of your wool. I also regularly use clothes pins or binder clips (those black triangle clips with the silver handles).. and if all else fails you can sew a running stitch to keep something in place while you block it.

      What are you working on?

      • I took a class with Pam Macgregor a while back am going to work on a teapot! I will need clips for the shaping idea that I have. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I have been running to all the hardware stores in the area but am only finding things that will leave marks. Love your work! Laura

        • That sounds like fun! Hopefully you’ll be able to find the right props to make your teapot the way you want.

          Pam is an incredible felter. How great that you got to be in her class! Are you aware of the Felt and Fiber Studio Forum ? Lots of information to be found there, and beautifully organized.

          • Hi! I found the clips in Dollar Tree. Thanks so much. Yes, I’ve been around the website – great info. I need to stop planning (really procrastinating) and do something. Laura

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