My Little Sea-Pony?

Belly-ringed-two-legged-bottom-feeding nudibranch (Maximus Overkillus).
Wool, glass. 10.5″ x 6″ x 6″, 2012

I posted photos over on my Facebook page a few days ago and requested a new name for this creature. Snarflagopuss, Space Apaloosa and My Little Sea-Pony were my favorites.

This creature was the second piece I was working on with Andrea and I loaded it up with all the applications she taught me. Resists, inclusions, spikes, ponytail, legs and a lot of pre-felt work. Twice I thought it was done, and twice I kept myself honest. The piece needed more attention and I could not let my desire to be finished outweigh my desire to create a higher quality of work.

Sit Up, Little Bottom Feeder.

Now Roll Over!