Dubious Courage goes Zzooooooom… with pictures!

The Dubious Expedition show opens a week from today, and I was fortunate enough to drop off my work in person last week. Maybe it’s a good thing that I won’t be there for the opening because all the previews/sneak peeks of the pieces coming in for the show are so yummy that I’d want to buy everything!

Sputnik Sweetheart Anemone

Preview teaser of my “Sputnik Sweetheart Anemones”

"Bullula Circumfrictus" - bellyside. Wool, mica, acrylic.

“Bullula Circumfrictus” – bellyside. Wool, mica, acrylic. (Rough translation from Latin = scrubbing bubble.)


The Courage Unmasked exhibit is now open at Sarratt Gallery on the Vanderbilt campus, through November 21st. Open and free for viewing. With over 50 transformed radiation masks, it is a very sobering and heartfelt show.

"Release/Reform/Renew" at Sarratt Gallery

“Release/Reform/Renew” at Sarratt Gallery


More pictures!! Here are a few pieces that have come to completion since my last post. Although I haven’t been as present in the studio (Tahiti) in the last few weeks, with travel and deadlines to get ready for, it does feel like my knowledge base is growing exponentially.


"Chrysalis 4" (back) - wool, wire and acrylic

“Chrysalis 4” (back) – wool, wire and acrylic


“Chrysalis 4” (front) – Wool, wire and acrylic

Something strange in the garden

“Something strange in the garden.”


I’ve been taking Fiona Duthie‘s online Surface Design workshop, with loads of techniques arriving every Friday. Some of these techniques I’ve been using since the very beginning (like making spikes and craters) but others have really sparked my imagination (nuno inclusions!). ¬†One of my main objectives this year was to push the “Research and Development” of materials and I think that’s been a very successful endeavor.


You know those little toy cars that you pull back, creating tension and then you let them go and Zzzzoooooooooooooom?! That’s kind of what I feel like right now, in an artistic sense. Here’s maybe a better analogy: For the last 4 years I have been learning a new language of wool/soft sculpture. I’ve learned a lot of the vocabulary, discovered the nuances of dialogue, had some incredible instructors, picked up “slang” from the internet, drafted my own lexicon and started babbling. Now I’m ready to really start telling the story of my work. It’s exciting and invigorating and slightly terrifying.

But first… one more workshop, and this one I’ve been waiting for for quite a while. I’ll be studying with Lisa Klakulak starting this Monday in her home studio in Asheville, NC. As thrilled as I am to be spending quality time with Lisa (who I know from back in her Nashville days), it’s the post-workshop days and weeks and months that I’m truly anticipating.. my “Go Zzzzzzzoooooom” time!

So, if you’re around Asheville for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival, drop me a note. I’ll be in workshop Monday – Wednesday and then at SAFF on Friday shopping and stocking up for some serious studio time.

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  1. Beautiful pieces Shana for the exhibit! Enjoy Fionas Class and the Lisa’s. I look forward to hearing more and seeing pictures on your journey!

  2. Hey Lady!! I’m so excited cause I was talking to a friend last week & we were gonna check out the Dubious Exhibition on Saturday… then I saw that you had a piece in it!!! I will (or have the much better photographer – Hubby – He asks about you every once in a while!) take some picts for you! It’s my first time over to Leanna Lin’s, so I’m excited!

    • Chrissy, I’m thrilled you get to go for the opening! And yes, please take lots of pictures. Should be a lot of fun and the work I’ve seen so far is stellar. Fingers crossed that I sell something.

      Tell Leanna I said it was ok for you to touch “Bullula circumfrictus”… You’ll want to!

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