Current Work-in-progress

I’ve been horrible about posting here regularly, when it’s so much easier to post directly to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Sorry about that!

Here are a few of the photos from this current work-in-progress: wool, glass, sea-urchin spines! The piece is mostly finished, although I’m waiting on the fabric stiffener to set before taking any more photos. I wasn’t sure how to display this one, since it doesn’t have a true top or bottom. Luckily, I found a table-top display “hook” at a clearance sale for $3 that will do the trick.

Jan2013-1 Jan2013-2 Jan2013-3 Jan2013-4 Jan2013-5

2 comments on “Current Work-in-progress

  1. Thanks so much, Ruthie! I’m very relieved to be back in the studio again, and don’t take a minute of it for granted.

    Wish we were a bit closer, I’d invite you over for wooly play time 🙂

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