Art of the South 2015 & Nashville Collage Collective

Art of the South 2015 & Nashville Collage Collective

I have been cultivating a new habit of  journal writing in the morning instead of picking up my internet. It’s a very useful practice but then I don’t really feel like writing again during the day…hence the two month blog absence. Did you get my Spring newsletter???   CLICK HERE.  It included all this: Aculeus” […]


Noun 1. aculeus – a stiff sharp-pointed plant process plant process, enation – a natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ pricker, prickle, spikelet, sticker, thorn, spine – a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf 2. aculeus – a sharp-pointed process especially a sting of a hymenopterous insect stinger […]

Polypore Slug

The sculpture had already been completed when I went about the task of figuring out what I’d made. A polypore is shelf or bracket fungus. And while I do equate this planimal with a sea creature, “slug” had a nicer ring than “nudibranch”. This piece is covered in soft merino and was made with both […]

Current Work-in-progress

I’ve been horrible about posting here regularly, when it’s so much easier to post directly to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Sorry about that! Here are a few of the photos from this current work-in-progress: wool, glass, sea-urchin spines! The piece is mostly finished, although I’m waiting on the fabric stiffener to set before taking […]

The Walking Seeds

I’m not sure what it is about felters, but they certainly tend to like seed pods, and I am no exception. Even as a youngster, I was fascinated by the shapes, textures, size and complexity of the seeds I could find in my own backyard. Even now, I have a pretty interesting array of seeds […]

My Little Sea-Pony?

Belly-ringed-two-legged-bottom-feeding nudibranch (Maximus Overkillus). Wool, glass. 10.5″ x 6″ x 6″, 2012 I posted photos over on my Facebook page a few days ago and requested a new name for this creature. Snarflagopuss, Space Apaloosa and My Little Sea-Pony were my favorites. This creature was the second piece I was working on with Andrea and I […]