Surface technique

It looks simple, and it is… except for the complicated parts. Make two-toned prefelt. Insert tiny glass marbles & secure with rubber bands. Needle-felt over base. Wet-felt. Needle-felt openings over marbles. Pop marbles out. Wet-felt again. Needle-felt again. See… nothing to it! 😉 *For reference, the marbles are 1/2″ diameter.

Feature on Mr.X Stitch: Felter Skelter column

Feature Interview on Felter Skelter Zoe Williams asks me the tough questions and she doesn’t back down! 😉 How did I come to needle-felting? What do I love about the medium? What do I hate about it? What advice would I give folks starting out? Ok, it’s a very nice spread with lots of pictures […]

Current Work-in-progress

I’ve been horrible about posting here regularly, when it’s so much easier to post directly to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Sorry about that! Here are a few of the photos from this current work-in-progress: wool, glass, sea-urchin spines! The piece is mostly finished, although I’m waiting on the fabric stiffener to set before taking […]

Hollow form experimentation

I’m playing around with making more complex forms in wool. While the addition of “spikes” and “balls” on pieces can be fun, I’m interested in developing a wider range of sculptural techniques to get the shapes I’m after. Resists are used in wet-felting for making bowls, vessel, slippers, purses, gloves and the like. The more […]

The Walking Seeds

I’m not sure what it is about felters, but they certainly tend to like seed pods, and I am no exception. Even as a youngster, I was fascinated by the shapes, textures, size and complexity of the seeds I could find in my own backyard. Even now, I have a pretty interesting array of seeds […]