Octopus-lily lamp

Octopus-lily lamp (on). Wool, lamp kit. 16″ x 10.5″ x 10.5″. Shana Kohnstamm ©2012   While I haven’t been working on this lighted felt piece for too long, it’s a relief to finish it. I’ve said it before but every time I wet felt, it feels wrong. EVERY time. I played around with resist between […]

Rise to Raise: start to finish

Talking with a friend about the shift in art-making, I stumbled across a solution to the uneasiness of *having ideas* (see previous post).  It was so simple: make felt paintings! I get the same rush of exploration as painting, the same discovery of improvising and none of the wasted paint. Here’s my work-in-progress photos from […]

First pod – Next Chapter

Perhaps it’s trite, but I think of life as having distinct chapters; events or epiphanies lasting a mere moment or a whole season that shape the whole of a person. As my previous post indicates, I feel the next chapter of my artistic life has begun. Since my solo show at Red Line Gallery last […]