Twelve inexpensive felt studio tools

** Thanks to all the Pinterest users for making this the most popular post on my blog! If you love it, please repin it! Want more tutorials?┬áLet me know what you want to learn!   I regularly find myself on the look-out for items that can be used in the studio, that aren’t necessarily intended […]

Current Work-in-progress

I’ve been horrible about posting here regularly, when it’s so much easier to post directly to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Sorry about that! Here are a few of the photos from this current work-in-progress: wool, glass, sea-urchin spines! The piece is mostly finished, although I’m waiting on the fabric stiffener to set before taking […]

Tennessean article – 11/18/2012

Change to fibers makes Kohnstamm’s art tangible | The Tennessean | I’m so pleased with this article written by MiChele Jones for the Tennessean. It’s the first time I’ve been interviewed by someone who didn’t already know me, but MiChele made me feel incredibly comfortable talking about myself and my work. The best part […]

Hollow form experimentation

I’m playing around with making more complex forms in wool. While the addition of “spikes” and “balls” on pieces can be fun, I’m interested in developing a wider range of sculptural techniques to get the shapes I’m after. Resists are used in wet-felting for making bowls, vessel, slippers, purses, gloves and the like. The more […]

“Surface Treat” at Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery

If you have ever walked through Hillsboro Village in Nashville, you’ve probably walked right past Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery and didn’t even realize it. The “venue” is a smallish display case between shops and if you blink, you’ll literally miss it. I’m honored to show some new pieces there, made especially for the gallery.. and […]

The Walking Seeds

I’m not sure what it is about felters, but they certainly tend to like seed pods, and I am no exception. Even as a youngster, I was fascinated by the shapes, textures, size and complexity of the seeds I could find in my own backyard. Even now, I have a pretty interesting array of seeds […]