Noun 1. aculeus – a stiff sharp-pointed plant process plant process, enation – a natural projection or outgrowth from a plant body or organ pricker, prickle, spikelet, sticker, thorn, spine – a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf 2. aculeus – a sharp-pointed process especially a sting of a hymenopterous insect stinger […]

Polypore Slug

The sculpture had already been completed when I went about the task of figuring out what I’d made. A polypore is shelf or bracket fungus. And while I do equate this planimal with a sea creature, “slug” had a nicer ring than “nudibranch”. This piece is covered in soft merino and was made with both […]

Fear of Dyeing

614 days.  That’s how long it took from the “Paint a Wild Roving” workshop I took with Jan Quarles back on May 28, 2012 until I faced my fear and actually dyed roving at home. I’ve said it before on this blog: I am slow.  Knowing there would be a break in the freezing temps, […] article & interview

The lovely Kate Barsotti of wrote Needle Felting: From Factory to Gallery for It’s an intriguing and humorous look at the history of felting, the differences between wet-felting and ‘dry’-felting schools and includes work & interviews from Stephanie Metz, Zoe Williams and myself. At the very beginning of my felting career, I did […]

Surface technique

It looks simple, and it is… except for the complicated parts. Make two-toned prefelt. Insert tiny glass marbles & secure with rubber bands. Needle-felt over base. Wet-felt. Needle-felt openings over marbles. Pop marbles out. Wet-felt again. Needle-felt again. See… nothing to it! 😉 *For reference, the marbles are 1/2″ diameter.

“Shingle” sample

When I received my copy of “Filz Experiment” by Annette Quentin-Stoll, I knew I’d have to try out many of the techniques she plays with. Although in German (which I don’t comprehend at all), the photos are fairly easy to follow along. This sample started out as thin 18″ x 14″ merino pre-felt. First stitched, […]

Feature on Mr.X Stitch: Felter Skelter column

Feature Interview on Felter Skelter Zoe Williams asks me the tough questions and she doesn’t back down! 😉 How did I come to needle-felting? What do I love about the medium? What do I hate about it? What advice would I give folks starting out? Ok, it’s a very nice spread with lots of pictures […]

Needle-felting Q & A video chat

If you missed the live chat, Zoe has graciously posted it to YouTube for us. It’s short of an hour long and we cover a variety of topics. If you have any questions leave me comment.