The Dubious Expedition

Coming soon to a gallery far far away… in LA!   There is also a tumblr page for this and other Dubious Beasts shows. Shing and I have collaborated on some very special pieces for this one and I will be sending along a few more recent sculptures, as well. Wish I could be there […]

One month in.

It’s been nearly a month in the new space at Ground Floor Gallery & Studios and I am still delighted. There has been a dedicated mix of work (new chrysalis structures) and play (wool samples, nuno/laminate felting samples). My eagerness to make the 10 mile drive to a blazing hot warehouse has not waned one bit. […]

Welcome to Tahiti!

I’ve had the keys to the new studio space for a little over a week now and didn’t get my huge work tables moved over until Friday. My original intention was to take supplies over on an “as needed” basis… turns out I apparently need everything. The home studio has noticeably more elbow room, though […]

A sign of things to come

I surprised myself with a very quick, decisive “Yes!” & signed a lease on a studio space. It’ll be the first time I’ve worked outside a home-based studio in over 20 years.  This will invariably be a slow, project based move to the new space. I’m in no hurry, only excited about being able to […]

Shana versus “Vs.”

Shana versus “Vs.”

This epic battle has been raging for a long time… way before I met it head on when I adopted felting as my primary process. ART VERSUS CRAFT At first, I tried on the Craft moniker tentatively…sure it fit,  like an oversized yellow rain poncho, shouting loudly to the world “I AM NOW A CRAFTER. A […]

Figuratively Speaking Reviewed by Joe Nolan

Nashville art critic, Joe Nolan, reviewed the Figuratively Speaking show at the Rymer Gallery for the Nashville Scene. Here’s what he had to say: Full article HERE. Figuratively Speaking is a new exhibit at Rymer that finds gallery director Natalie Dunham presiding over a show that she juried, choosing a handful of work from a flood […]

Figuratively Speaking – The Rymer Gallery

How thrilling to see “Homage to Tanning’s Cousins” on the Figuratively Speaking show poster!! It was exciting enough to find out the piece was accepted into the show, since I’ve never shown it locally. The Rymer Gallery is a spacious commercial gallery on the Avenue of the Arts in downtown Nashville and part of the […]

NEXUS 2014

So I guess I have a little news. “Florathuroidea” was selected as one of 19 pieces for the NEXUS 2014 International Indoor Sculpture exhibit, as part of the Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville. See all the entries HERE. If you recall, “Hydrotropia” was selected last year (different juror) and I received my first ever award […]