April Recap

How did a whole month pass me by so fast!? April was a great month and in a perfect universe I’d be blogging about every wonderful thing that happened. And before I get sidetracked into a discussion about perfection and humanity and ‘what is the universe, anyway”, I better just share the highlights with you and move on to May.

First of all, I was delighted to head to Knoxville for the Dogwood Arts Festival at the beginning of April. It was a lovely, spring day and I’d found the perfect (for me, a human…) outfit for the Nexus 2013 Sculpture exhibit. The whole downtown area was buzzing with receptions and celebrations, and I was in good company as my mom came out to join me.  The exhibit itself consisted of 19 sculptures of varying mediums and I was truly impressed with the UT Downtown gallery’s presentation. I was even more elated when I was presented with a Merit Award for Hydrotropia! This is my first award for sculpture and only the 2nd award in the last 10 years. Here I am with my “award-winning” sculpture!

Shana Kohnstamm

and this was before I received the award!

Moving on…

  • As you might have seen in the previous post, “Heliotropia” was included in the Reader’s Gallery of the Spring edition of Fiber Art Now. Spiffy!
  • I survived a week alone while my husband went off to the equivalent of ‘mitochodria camp’ in the mountains of Austria. He brought me back chocolates and stinky cheese. Like, seriously, teenage-boy-sneaker kinda stinky.
  • During the monthly Artist Accountability Group, I voiced that I’d make at least two new pieces before the next meeting. (Guess what I’m doing this week?)
  • I volunteered at Cheekwood to help with the immense light installation by artist Bruce Munro. It was a blast! Got to play with fiber optics and meet new folks while in one of my favorite place in the the world. Already looking forward to the next volunteer shift this month.
  • I went to my first community development meeting. Not art related at all, but I’m happy to be an informed citizen if only in my neighborhood. Gotta start somewhere, right?
  • I dropped off two wool sculptures at the Metro Arts Commission for their Artist Directory Showcase which opens Friday May 2nd. You are invited!
  • Once I get done with this blog post, I’ll be heading over to the TACA Spring Fair to volunteer this afternoon. Ok, that’s not officially April news, is it?

Over the weekend I’ll add some new/old pieces to the shop, and get my Spring newsletter in order to go out next Tuesday. Have you signed up for it?

Remember you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or leave me a comment here. I’m the most socially integrated introvert I know!


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